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Aiming for muscle growth, getting toned, strength, better health and body composition - the app takes care of your gym training, recovery and results. Built by exercise scientists, backed by AI.

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Train optimally for you.

No more guessing what works. Whether a beginner or more advanced, the app optimizes your training more precisely than a good, science-based personal trainer.

An easy-to-use app.

Takes care of everything related to gym training and always tells you what to do. For example, the app always sets the weights, repetitions, and sets that are suitable for you automatically - all you have to do is train.

Always know what to do at the gym

Easily mark completed repetitions

Simple to use - sets everything ready for you

Individualized training.

The core of effective and sensible training is individualization and scientifically proven methods.

The amount of training and recovery that is suitable for one person is different for another. The individuality and scientific basis of training are ensured - every detail is built on these foundations. The app analyzes your training response from every repetition, set, workout, week, and month.

Individualized - train the right way for you

Long-term and adaptable training periodization

Optimal training volume for each muscle group

Results ensured.

Everyone progresses at their own pace. The app learns how you should train and recover - training is effective and enjoyable, without unnecessary effort and time wasted.

Optimal training response from every workout

No wasted time at the gym

Individualized pace of progress and adaptive progression models

Training that you can trust.

No need to worry about the details of your training or whether you're training sensibly. Every workout is guaranteed to be effective and tailored to you - whether you're just starting out or are more experienced.


Personalizes everything you need. For example, workload, weights, sets, and repetitions.


Built by Exercise Physiologists (M.Sc) - backed by the best science and years of experience.


Easy to use and motivating. Message us in-app anytime, we'll help with anything.

Takes care

Reacts quickly and sensibly to different situations - including failed sets, vacations, and sickness.

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Join thousands of others and start training in a way that's optimal for you. You'll always train sensibly, won't train too much, get the best results - feel, look & be the healthiest and strongest you.

Frequently asked questions

Can I ask about training or anything else?

Yep! You can reach us instantly via the live chat in app. You can find the chat on the app's "settings"- page. There you can ask any questions, share feedback, or just tell how's it going!

How is the app used during workouts?

The app is easy to use during workouts - it's made to be used as effortlessly as possible so you can focus on your workout and always know what to do next in the gym.

On the app's home page, you'll find a "Start Workout" button for starting a workout. This will take you to the workout view, where a simple guide will guide you through the process of selecting your starting weights (for the first week) and marking your reps.

After the first week, the weights will be automatically set to suit you and you won't need to select them again unless you change to a completely new movement. So all you have to do in your workouts is to tap to mark the repetitions you've completed.

What are the different payment methods?

You can pay for your subscription directly through the app (the payment service will be the App Store / Google Play), which accept multiple payment methods. You can also pay via Stripe, you can send us a message via email about this (

Does the app take other sports/exercise into account?

The accumulated load from other sources, such as other forms of physical activity, sports and daily life stress, is considered through the data collected from your gym workouts. When used correctly, this data is the most objective measure of recovery and suitable workload for gym training. The impact of other stressors on the body's recovery can be analyzed from this data, and can be quickly adapted to. Data from gym workouts is one of the best indicators of the overall load on your body and its recovery capability in the gym training context.

You can also add other sports in the app's home screen by tapping the + button that's next to the weekly workouts- indicator.

I can't do some exercises in the gym. Can I change them?

Limitations are taken into account with a wide range of exercises and the ability to modify programs accordingly, as well as through consultation via chat service.

If for some reason you cannot perform the exercise suggested by the application, you can easily switch it to one that suits you from the comprehensive list of exercises. You can find the list by clicking on the name of the exercise, which will open instructions and a button labeled 'Change Exercise'. You can also always ask us for recommendations or anything else through the chat.

Does the subscription start automatically after the trial?

No. We want to offer an honestly free trial without the need to cancel anything, and without the risk of forgetting to cancel. There's also no need to fill in a bank card to start the trial, and by taking part you're not committing to anything and don't need to cancel anything. It's 100% honest and risk-free, we want you to be able to test it free and only ask for payment after the trial.